2012: Dispersing back-chat with common sense

In seeing my own self-talk that happens in my mind, I’ve noticed an interesting thing. When I see my thoughts that come up ‘automatically’ (meaning I just find my mind ‘talking back’ at/with me) I see that dealing with this back-chat, and working through it is like working with the information that is being spread in the world, and with understanding the systems that rule over our lives that we are living on/through. Systems, like laws, money, social rules, ways of behavior, philosophies, certain lines of thought, beliefs etc. etc. – all those things that influence us and keeps us enslaved and that are ‘outside’ of us.

In working towards understanding how those systems that seem to be ‘outside of us’ work in fact – it is relevant to realize the contradictions that happen within them. Meaning it is always about equating everything to reality and practicality of any system (be it religion, or money) and see how they influence a variety of points of consequential practical living. And in that never giving into fuzzy logic, which is concentrating on a singular point and based on that build ideas of how things are. For instance, when a politician or an economist is explaining why a certain law is beneficial, he base his presentation, his proving of a point – on one or few singular arguments, that he creates theories about. And based on those theories, he builds his whole argumentation. Now to approach such a thing (which is an example of a point ‘outside’ of ourselves) the way to see what kinds of lies or/and misconceptions are being shared in the argumentation – is to ‘check it’ through placing that certain point that is being justified in a certain way in many contexts, and to see how that will affect multiple points, that are bound by certain specific relationships with that point in real, physical context reality situation. This kind of common sense reasoning can be applied to anything for that matter. Whether it’s a belief in something, it’s an idea of what is good or bad, or whether it’s what someone has said. We can always ‘check’ through physical context and see, if it has any sense, and if it considers the physical actual context of things.

Now the cool thing that I’ve realized today through looking at my back-chat, and after speaking a self-forgiveness statement about a thought, I’ve seen how my own back-chat that ‘talked back’ didn’t passed the ‘common sense check’. As it didn’t had any sense, and was totally out of place, when I’ve checked it in another context then it ‘talked back’ about. I don’t remember now what the thought was, but it was something that only ‘attacked’ or ‘judged’ a certain approach I had (it was a self-judgmental back-chat thought). But when I’ve ‘taken it on’ and placed it into another context, that initially the back-chat thought wasn’t directed at (like placing it into a totally different situation) I could see very clearly how that back-chat thought was out of any relevance to reality, as the thought itself was deliberately connected to that specific point, and that it wasn’t real – meaning that it wasn’t considering everything else, so it was in conflict with other parts of reality. Thus it didn’t stood in a different context/configuration/situation then it was initially presented by my mind to me.

And that is a very cool point that I will furthermore explore and utilize within working and dealing with back-chat/self-talk, as I’ve realized that what the mind, ‘talks back’ is only triggered within a specific certain context, and usually a similar back-chat appears in specific situations. It’s like the mind itself has a protection mechanism towards certain areas through which I keep myself in the same ‘place’ or ‘spot’ constantly, and when certain points arise there appears a certain specific line of back-chat, that ‘keeps me’ or ‘puts me in place’. And in that, in understanding that as how it works, one can take on a certain line of back chat, and place it in different situations/contexts of real, practical, physical living. In other words, checking through common sense how that particular back-chat line, or a certain way of thinking apply and fits into reality. And in that it is possible to see in fact, that a certain line of back-chat is not real. And it’s the way to get to understanding what is real and practical, and through that expose to self a line of back-chat especially when it’s arising repeatedly.

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3 Responses to 2012: Dispersing back-chat with common sense

  1. kurtgielen says:

    It seems you have discovered what is sometimes called “limiting beliefs” or in the case of negative thoughts ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). It’s a term coined by Daniel G. Amen and I think his quote below says it best:

    “Don’t believe everything you hear-even in your own mind”

    Good luck with fighting the back-chat, I know from experience that by doing so your life can and will change massively! And in a good way.

  2. kurtgielen says:

    Can you tell me a bit more (perhaps not here) about the Technorati tags and the 3 plug ins you have installed below your posts. I just started blogging and I like what you’ve done here.

    • I’m using Windows Live Writer to write blogs (a component of the Windows Live Essentials). It’s a very cool platform for blogging, and I’ve added the Technorati tags through that software. In terms of other things on my blog, I don’t have any plugins installed — I’ve just tweaked the configuration and the widgets that were available by default.


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