2012: Patriotism is brainwashing

Patriotism according to Cambridge dictionary means: “when you love your country and are proud of it”. And as for me – I was born in Poland, and I have been exposed to patriotism in school, where I basically have been presented by teachers an idea of patriotism through all kinds of poetry, books etc. etc. And I could never actually understand it. And the reason is (as I know now) is that it has nothing to do with understanding. Patriotism, and the whole idea of ‘loving your country’ etc. is just bullshit.

Because in essence nationality means nothing. It means absolutely nothing at all in terms of having any value whatsoever. It’s just programmed into people. Because what does nations even stand for? And why do wars are even fought? It is not for the betterment of anything. It never was. It cannot be – I mean whole nations killing one another destroying millions of individual lives – let’s use just a bit of fucking common sense please. When someone is glorifying wars – it means that he/she is a psychopath programmed to justify abuse, without understanding what is actually going on at all.

Because wars are being fought over land, over resources, or other matters related to money. Wars are simply about taking from another – which is just plunder. There is no ‘higher good’, there was never one. Just like with abuse and conflicts between people. There is no justification for abusing another life form. It is just bullshit we accept through a system that we are enslaved to through money, and which we do not question because we do not take individual self-responsibility for the part we play in it.

And if you feel proud because of your nationality, or you identify yourself with it in any way. Look at how you accept yourself as a slave within that. You don’t actually have equal access to the resources located in your country. As it should be, because basically everybody should have an equal right to everything that is provided by the earth. And that is land, resources etc. and that is not happening in your country, or in any other country. And to believe that you’re somehow ‘better’ or ‘different’, then people from other countries is pretty bizarre. And I suggest you to seriously reconsider and have a closer look at this point – because it is just plain bullshit. We live in countries that don’t mean anything by themselves. They are just areas, districts of control within a capitalistic system. And people that actually own more then others, don’t really care about those that are less fortunate. And that applies to the whole ‘food chain’ – not only the super rich, but to the middle class as well, as it doesn’t give a flying fuck about people starving in the world as long as they’re getting what they need. Therefore blaming only the super rich just won’t budge.

So make your own conclusion in that context about what is nationality and therefore what is patriotism. Because it’s a seriously twisted idea which is used as an excuse on a planet where life is being sacrificed for property (because wars are fought over property). Wars are mindless, unnecessary, and always against the interest of the people.

Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed, and don’t take bullshit from others even if they believe in it completely and place their whole systems of value on it. Because if something is bullshit, it will remain bullshit. And although you might love and respect people for who they are – respecting is and never will be about agreeing to bullshit that is spread in this world perpetuating further confusion, separation and mistrust between people. And I am saying that, because people who invested their lives (like ex-soldiers) might believe fully that what they did was right. And in that context it’s not about fighting with the person over ideas, but also it’s not about accepting self to play along with the lie affecting others (like your children etc.) with the propaganda that is usually accompanied with wars. What is real and what is a fact is usually not fluffy and nice, but it’s real, and misinformation and confusion just make slaves out of us and leads us to caging ourselves in our own ignorance.

I say let’s not be the ‘prison guards’ and let’s stop perpetuating that, through considering everything that we are able to consider – without shallow judgment, but with compassion. For that is expressed in having the courage to call things as what they are – because one understands how they are constituted and where they will lead. Which is the responsibility that it seems we completely lack and have forgotten in our society – while it’s greatly required, as our world has become a place where life is property and has less value then paper on which value we agreed upon to have just for convinience.

Research Equal Money and educate yourself, on how money has became an unknown force and a monster apparently. As we completely forgot what it was actually meant to be, and now fear doing anything with it or taking any action believing that what we created through agreement is somehow superior then us in every way and unchangable. Because through changing the rules of how money works, we can stop all wars over property/money, and stop the brainwashing that countries are allowing, just to have slaves ready to fight for wealth that is not even theirs to start with.As patriotism and national identity are tools to separate people, to have all different opinions and back-chat about people from other countries, and even go so far as killing them for their slave masters – even though this killing isn’t for the well being of the soldier, his family or his fellow people. While he’s programmed and trained to strongly believe that it is – which is an inhumane practice, which makes a joke out of saying that “we live in a civilized world”.

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2 Responses to 2012: Patriotism is brainwashing

  1. Marlen says:

    Thank you for addressing this

  2. Kelly says:

    Great article, I agree with your sentiments 100%.

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