2012: Why I could hear the Desteni message

How come I was able to hear the Desteni message, and why I am now actively involved with working for solutions for this world with Desteni? This is going to be a pretty interesting thing to write for me, to have a look back on how did I came to where I am at the moment, so let’s have a look. I will firstly have a general look on how I stumbled on Desteni, why I did investigated it and how that went, and then I’ll look at the reasons from my own life experience that influenced me to get interested.

Desteni – what was Desteni at the time when I started to watch the interviews back then on YouTube and reading some articles, while also looking at the forum? It wasn’t as established as it is right now, and there were less people involved then now. The people who participated openly were mostly (but not only) people that have visited the farm. Back then the YouTube channels of Desteni were really full of videos, I mean the main channel had like 1 500 videos, not even mentioning the channels of people actively putting out content on the web from Desteni, and other not main Desteni channels. I had stumbled couple of times on the videos of Sunette speaking through the Portal back then few times – but I haven’t really noticed what was being said, I just perceived it as one of the people talking about the new age topics probably wanting to sell something, or promote themselves as self-proclaimed gurus (as it is usually with the new age people).

What really struck me, and caught my attention for the first time was a simple video from the DesteniProductions channel, which was about the Law of Attraction. The video was consisting of some text mixed with pictures with a background music (very simple video) it was about how someone’s positive thinking creates both the good and the bad, and that it’s relevant to always look at both sides of the equation. After that I started to look at all their other material, because this one video has made more sense to me then all the videos on the law of attraction that I have seen before all together, and as I followed with watching the content presented by Desteni I found that their other content makes a lot of sense as well. And it took me some time from there on to grasp what was being presented and shared, and what Desteni even is – because at first I didn’t even understood who or what they are. But at that time I already developed a habit to constantly play something in the background when playing video games or doing other stuff that didn’t absorbed my attention to much – like audio books, videos etc. so I simply done it in the same manner as I did with other material I used to go through. And that pretty much helped me a lot, because Desteni message, and what is being shared is not something one can understand just by watching one or two videos.

But going back to the point of why have I heard the message. There were few things that stand out now as I look at it, that I can pinpoint as why I have taken ‘the red pill’ (because that is what Desteni stands for at the moment in this world). One of them was the freaking common sense in every freaking video, text or recording. I could see that it makes sense, and it specifically was something that hit me by that time. And it made sense from the context of earth – meaning the reality. I was always interested in things out of the ordinary (which was another reason why I was intrigued by Desteni) and Desteni message was ‘earthed’, it was something that I could for the most part relate to reality and find it practical and useful in terms of it fitting the context of earth and the reality I know here. That is something I have never experienced in any of the spiritual teachings, or whatever else regarding any kind of strange phenomenas, religions, and all kinds of teachers or channelers. So in this regard Desteni message was absolutely superior to any kind of esoteric teachings – and believe me, I have went through, studied and tried to apply many.

Now the next reason why I heard the message, was certainly the point of my own life experience. And in the area of my own life experience there has been few points that made me to really get interested and research Desteni.

One was the usual reason why everyone looks for answers in spirituality – my life hadn’t worked out as I wanted to and I have been faced with difficulties which made me to look for other ways of living, made me to question many things in my reality, and to want to understand how and why things are as they are.

The second reason is that by that time my life got into shit. Meaning that what I planned had went to a stop, and my life got twisted upside down. That was accompanied with me letting go of a lot of beliefs that I have hanged to at that time. Because before I found Desteni I started to walk quite a process alone for a while where I started to question a lot, and through that also my life changed and a lot of things that worked, stopped to work, and in a way, I had to totally reassemble my life and learn/start from the beginning. But however that might sound I have never regretted that – I went into the direction of change because for the first time in my life I was starting to see how things work for real, and that I could actually move/change myself and my world. And I simply went there. Now why or how I got to that point is obviously because in my own life many things didn’t worked as I wanted, so I wasn’t a complete slave in terms of how I perceived the world – meaning that difficulties in life caused me to question things, as I couldn’t accept them as they are, as I myself have experienced the reality of how some of the things are totally fucked up currently.

Third one was that I had contact with a person who had experiences with demons, and I knew that he wasn’t lying and that there was nothing wrong with the person’s sanity. And what I have learned from that person, was that demons aren’t ‘bad’. And the person was (even though being visited or attack by the demons) not someone afraid of demons, actually he’s opinion on angels and the apparently ‘good beings’ was negative, and that they are deceptive. Which made me question a lot, and looking at demons and evil generally with quite a different perspective. And also that made me to look at ‘evil’ and my own inner demons differently. And Desteni was the first source I found regarding demons, where they weren’t just presented as evil, which for me was more accurate, because I knew someone who have presented me a very similar idea of demons. Now you might think, that it’s silly to be interested in some demons or some other esoteric-like phenomena just because knowing someone who had such experiences and spoke about them. But what was the reason why I got so intrigued was that the person I have knew that was having those experiences with demons, was pretty unusual in his approach to life, and had lived differently then many people in terms of the way of how he would consider things and look at them. You would say that the depth of how he looked at things and investigated them was definitively above normal which was for me quite striking. Which is shortly why have I taken and investigated the demon thing seriously – I simply had seen the difference that was physical, real, here.

And this gets me to the next very important, and the most important reason why I have heard the Desteni message. I have seen real change, real difference in people from Desteni (both the people who founded it, or were there from the beginning like Sunette and Bernard, as well as those who joined later). I could see in what they said a depth in their insight, understanding and consideration, which was constant and consistent. That was the most relevant reason why I listened to the interviews, and why I was quite blown away with the rawness, honesty and bluntness of what is being said.

So that would basically be the overview of the main reasons why I have heard the Desteni message. Obviously it’s a very short and concise view, so some things may not be clear in terms of the ‘whole story’ and all the consequential facts that led to one another. But it’s what I’m conscious of here and now, and that I can share here.

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3 Responses to 2012: Why I could hear the Desteni message

  1. cool sharing here, thanks a lot!

  2. Róbert Starší says:

    I enjoyed the read!

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