Defining, perceiving, believing forms & expressions to be special

Defining things, people, expressions, participations, ideas — practically everything that there can be — as ‘special’ in itself, in a way ‘more’ then other things somehow, and ‘better’ by the nature of the specialness of the thing/point that is regarded as special.

This is an awesome point to look at and consider, especially if we have a look at the extent of things that have been ‘labeled’ as special and ‘more then’ — individually, and collectively by each and every single one. And it can be seen everywhere where there are people, because it’s we as human being, that have created those ideas of ‘specialness’ of certain things, of forms, of beings, some being more, some being less. And some being simply ‘amazing’, ‘flawless’ and ‘perfect’ as being ‘special’, ‘the best’, ‘absolute’. And obviously all those definitions are just made up, by the people individually, or that agreed and accepted collective definitions of ‘specialness’.

Some of such points/ideas that are being collectively agreed upon (and so they have a great impact on how we live and what is being accepted and allowed within our reality, are ideas of ‘specialness’ around:

  • Human being: that a human being is special, is better then other life forms (like animals, or bugs), that they are apparently more then, that certain specific people are better, just by what they do, because of the mind, knowledge, an ability to form their environment.
  • God: an idea of a being, that is the most ‘special’ of all, the best, of all as the creator, and ‘king’ of this world or some greatest power, or a being of some great powers — depending on the religion or a belief.
  • Love: an idea that someone is ‘special’ just because someone perceived the person that way, and the whole emotional stuff that is built upon the point, that people create around this point of the ‘specialness’ of the person that they ‘love’.
  • Personality: that apparently some peoples personalities are ‘special’, some peoples ‘looks’ + what they do, how they present themselves, is perceived as ‘more then’ others; this is very well visible in the music and film industries, where celebrities are presented as ‘more then’ ‘normal folks’ — as ‘special’.
  • Certain forms/expression: this is very individual, and very specific, people have usually set of favorite things, favorite expressions, that they perceive and believe to be ‘special’, more then other form, more then other expressions, things ideas, philosophies — whatever that is perceived as something ‘special’, not just considered as it is, but perceived through the definition that the person is holding towards that specific point (often connected to memories).
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